No Huddle Radio #95: Should You Be Concerned About Cornerback & Safety Depth?

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Gil and J.J. discuss the Packers cornerback depth and safety depth. With Kevin King, Josh Jackson, Isaac Yiadom, Ka’dar Hollman, and Chandon Sullivan gone from a year ago, the corner room looks a little different. Who will stand out in the slot in Chandon’s absence? Can new additions Keisean Nixon or Kiondre Thomas be impact players on special teams?

The guys turn their attention to safety as well. A position that was a strength this time last year now has gotten a new position coach in Ryan Downard to help get Adrian Amos and Darnell Savage back on track. But what about 3rd safety for the Packers? Can hybrid safety-linebacker Tariq Carpenter impress? Or will Vernon Scott take another step towards being a dependable starter on defense? Tune in to hear the conversation!

On No Huddle Radio, hosts J.J. Lahey and Gil Martin give you in-depth analysis of what’s happening with the Green Bay Packers. Get the latest news, injury updates and preview the next game with key matchups to look for and find out why we think the Pack will win or lose.

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