It just wouldn’t be the Green Bay Packers if they didn’t have it come down to the wire. Am I right? In the Packers week 3 matchup Sunday afternoon, they defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a game that could’ve been done by halftime. But they had to make sure we didn’t get comfortable.

Regardless of the fact that it was a 14-12 nail-biter, there were some shining aspects. Of course, there were also some rough parts that possibly made our beverages go down a little quicker. Moments that made us savor and enjoy our beers, and then moments that made us forget taste and just chug it down in disgust. Here are your Packers week 3 toasts, and roasts.


Credit – Evan Siegle,

Romeo Doubs

Our first toast of the Packers week 3 goes to Romeo Doubs. With Sammy Watkins recently added to the IR, and fellow rookie Wide Receiver Christian Watson out for this game, it was a coming out party of sorts for Romeo Doubs. Romeo caught all 8 of his targets for 73 yards, and his first career touchdown. Many of us were excited about Romeo Doubs in Training Camp as he stood out. But he just didn’t see as many targets until week 3. I think this game may have earned him a bit of trust from Aaron Rodgers as he proved very reliable and hopefully it continues. For Romeo, I’m toasting Explorium brewery’s Strawberry Cheesecake. Explorium is a small brewery in the Milwaukee area, but those that know it, very much enjoy it. With Explorium only being six years old, like Romeo Doubs, they’re still very much a rookie in the business. Their Strawberry Cheesecake beer I’d consider a bit of a hidden gem. It’s sweet and delicious, those that know it, think the world of it, almost like Packer fans in Training Camp with Romeo Doubs. Well now more and more have seen what Romeo Doubs can do.

Keisean Nixon

When Jaire Alexander exited the game with a groin injury, I think many feared Tom Brady would exploit the weakness. Keisean Nixon came in and showed he’s not just here for Special Teams. Nixon recorded his first career forced fumble on a key drive after the Buccaneers were trying to capitalize off an Aaron Jones fumble near the goal line. That was a crucial point in the game that could’ve turned the tide, but Nixon said no. For Keisean Nixon I’m raising a Third Space Happy Place. When my wife and I were first introduced to Third Space brewery we didn’t expect much. It seemed a little generic at first, almost like Keisean Nixon being labeled a Special Teamer. There to do a job, and not really wow you. But then we had Happy Place. Which is a very flavor-filled IPA that made us think “whoa, this is actually a good beer that I want more of!” Keisean Nixon showed he could be a force to be reckoned with on defense as well, and hopefully he keeps it up

Credit – Evan Siegle,

DeVondre Campbell

What a force DeVondre Campbell has become. Many know that Campbell was very unceremoniously signed by the Packers last summer and quietly had an All-Pro season to the surprise of many. On Sunday Campbell recorded 14 tackles, one for a loss, and of course, the game-sealing deflection. DeVondre Campbell was able to get his paw on a Tom Brady pass to the end-zone on a 2-point conversion attempt, that was the dagger that won the game for the Packers. A force last year and looking again like a force this year on this defense. For DeVondre Campbell I’m raising a Southern Tier Pumking Nitro. That’s right, tis the season for Pumpkin beers. Pumking has been considered the King, or All-Pro of Pumpkin beers. Southern Tier brewery knew they had a good beer but decided to take it a step further and put it on Nitro pour. The result is a smoother, bolder version. I think DeVondre Campbell is going to show us he was more than worthy of his All-Pro knod last year, Sunday was just the beginning. Campbell now has the compliment of Quay Walker to rely on that might set him loose a bit. I think this year we could see DeVondre Campbell on Nitro.


Packers’ 2nd Half Offense

After seeming like this game could’ve been a blowout, suddenly the Packers offense just, died. After the Aaron Jones fumble at the goal line that could’ve made it a 21-3 game before halftime, the offense, did nothing. I shouldn’t say nothing, per-say, but nothing, productive really. They just kind of did their job handing it off to the defense to essentially close it out. They didn’t get the Packers in major trouble at all, they were just kind of, there. So, the Packers offense gets a Pabst Blue Ribbon. Now before the PBR enthusiasts come after me, hear me out. It’s not that great, but it’s not necessarily awful. It just kind of gets the job done very unceremoniously. I feel the Packers Offense in the second half just kind of played to not lose. Just to get the job done and not turn the ball over often to jeopardize the game. PBR gets it done, but if PBR wow’s you, then you don’t really know beer.

I don’t think there’s any redeeming of Pabst Blue Ribbon. But hopefully the Packers Offense can redeem themselves and make it into my Toasts next week.

Greg Meinholz is a lifelong devoted Packer fan. A contributor to PackersTalk as well as CheeseheadTV. Follow him on Twitter at @gmeinholz. for Packers commentary, random humor, beer endorsements, and occasional Star Wars and Marvel ramblings.