The Green Bay Packers may need to address the safety position this offseason whether it’s through the draft or free agency. The Packers’ safety position that was once regarded a strong point of Green Bay’s defense has certainly raised questions, especially after this past season.

Darnell Savage was considered a rising star for the Packers’ secondary while Adrian Amos was one of their high profile free agent signings in 2019. After this past season there are many questions revolving around the position.

It felt like throughout the season there were many big plays let up by the back end of the Packers secondary or some questionable missed tackles. Darnell Savage had flashed in previous seasons after the Packers took him in the first round in the 2019 draft.

Adrian Amos had been an underrated player who has flew under the radar since he was signed by Green Bay. Fans were skeptical after this past season where it seemed his play had “regressed” and didn’t make some of the plays we’re used to seeing from Smash.

The Packers may need to look into the draft or free agency and add some playmakers for the back end of their defense. They don’t necessarily have to get replacements but players who will compete for the spot and potentially take over if things don’t change.

Amos is also a free agent but Green Bay may look to bring him back at the right price to avoid having no depth at safety. Free agency officially starts on Wednesday so it’ll be interesting to see if Green Bay addresses safety via free agency or the NFL Draft.

Brian Branch, a safety from Alabama, has been linked to Green Bay through mock drafts and could be a potential option for the Packers. The negotiating period for free agents is already under way so it’ll be interesting to see if they add a veteran or wait until the draft.

With free agency in full swing Packers fans are obviously anxious waiting for the decision of Aaron Rodgers. That is one of their many concerns as fans will also wait to see if the Packers also add to the safety position and if Adrian Amos will return as well.


Javier Delgado is a lifelong Packers fan who is currently majoring in sports journalism at Arizona State University. He writes for and you can follow him on twitter at @javierrdelgadoo.