Cheesehead Radio #310: Aaron Rodgers Wearing a New Jersey

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Well, after a week of truly wailing and gnashing of teeth (and darkness retreats), the inevitable moment we’ve anticipated/dreaded for so long has finally happened: 18-year Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers announced he is leaving the team to play for the New York Jets in 2023. This opens the door for the Jordan Love Era to begin, and while fan reactions have been intense, they haven’t been as virtiolic as 2008 when Favre was traded. What’s the reason for the kinder, gentler divorce between the Packers and their HOF QB this time around? Listen in as the CHR Gang talk about everything leading up to today’s announcement.

CD Angeli, Jersey Al Bracco, and Kelly Hodgson are back again for their 13th season of Packers podcasting here on the Packers Talk Network. Don’t miss an episode of Cheesehead Radio!

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