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The Week in Review at Packers Talk Radio Network

Packers Talk Radio Network

This week at Packers Talk Radio Network:

Ross gave the Packers a full scale audit following their plunge into free agency.

Ian gives everyone an appreciation of Jermichael Finley.

John wonders whether there are reasons to be concerned about the Packers passing game.

John also says there are still plenty of question marks surrounding the Packers.

Are the Packers better off leaving Micah Hyde at cornerback? Perhaps.

Matt takes a trip around the NFC North looking at every team’s gains and losses.

This week’s player profile series focuses on the reigning AP Offensive Rookie of the Year Eddie Lacy.

No Huddle Radio returned with special guest Dan Shonka in a info packed NFL Draft preview podcast.

And From the Benches was back with special guest host Jason Perone talking all things Packers in this week’s episode.

Be sure to head over to and check out this week’s edition of Surviving Sunday: Packers News, Notes and Links for the Football Deprived. It is a must read every Sunday during the far too long NFL off season.

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Packers Talk Radio Network

Packers Talk Radio Network


John Rehor is a writer at

He can also be heard as one of the Co-Hosts of Cheesehead Radio.

You can follow John on twitter at jrehor or email him at


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Question Marks Still Surround the Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers helmet

Following the 2013 season, one thing was certain as far as the Green Bay Packers were concerned.

Changes needed to take place.

After a third consecutive season of post season disappointment, it had become painfully obvious that the Packers had been passed in the NFC by Seattle and San Francisco. They were no longer the favorites, no longer the team everyone was chasing. Instead, they had become one of the teams doing the chasing.

As long as Aaron Rodgers was on the field, the offense was in more than capable hands. This was never more apparent than during the 7 games he missed during the 2013 season. If Rodgers is on the field, the Packers are never truly out of a game. Having Eddie Lacy around to literally carry the load on offense just makes the offense that much more dangerous. Loaded with skill at WR and a RB depth chart that was the envy of most teams, the Packers were one of if not the most talented offensive teams in the league at the end of last season.

The main problem was obvious for anyone who had seen the Packers play even one snap in 2013. The defense was in dire need of a makeover. Problems at safety (and that is putting it mildly) were just the beginning of what was wrong with this much maligned unit. Issues up front getting to the QB meant too much time was spent trying to cover opposing receivers running downfield, while almost simultaneously the middle of the field was far too often left wide open (again). Dom Capers’ scheme was broken, and it needed fixing-fast.

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Getting to Know: Eddie Lacy

eddie lacy away uniform

Packers Talk Radio Network continues its player profile series for our sponsor Mayfield Sports Marketing with a look at Running Back Eddie Lacy.

Eddie Lacy was born on June 2, 1990 in the Gretna, LA. His high school career did not get off to a good start, as he as forced to transfer schools as a result of the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. Once settled in at  Dutchtown High School in Geismar, La, his football career took off.

Lacy lettered all four years of high school, becoming one of the most sought after running back recruits in the country. Having his choice of colleges to attend, he chose Alabama, and his journey to the NFL would begin in earnest.

A member of three (!) national championship teams during his time at Alabama, Lacy tore through the record books, becoming one of the best players to have ever played for the Crimson Tide during their long, storied history.

The stats speak for themselves.

  • Was a member of three national championship teams during his four years on campus, during which time the program posted a 49-5 record (.907).
  • Followed in the footsteps of Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram (2009) and finalist Trent Richardson (2011) as the starter in the backfield for the Crimson Tide, opening all 14 games in 2012 and earning first-team All-Southeastern Conference honors after finishing with 204 carries for 1,322 yards (6.5 avg.) and 17 TDs.
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Is There Cause for Concern For the Packers Passing Game?

Aaron Rodgers prepares to pass

For most of the Mike McCarthy era, the Packers have been blessed with having one of the best receiving corps in the NFL.

The names are entrenched in the annals of Packers history.

Donald Driver. Greg Jennings. Jordy Nelson. Randall Cobb. James Jones. Jermichael Finley. These are just a few of the players who have helped the Packers during the past decade become a top flight passing attack. Each of them have their own place in the team’s history, and our memories as well.

As time has passed, and as part of the business known as the National Football League, many of the players that were part of this powerful passing attack have moved on, evaporating the once talented group of receivers.

Donald Driver retired. Greg Jennings took the money and ran to the Vikings. James Jones signed with the Raiders. Jermichael Finley’s career is in limbo as he recovers from a neck injury. Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb are all that remains of the group which a mere three seasons ago set numerous offensive records, and helped Aaron Rodgers set a record for passer rating.

Because of the depletion of talent, is there a reason to be concerned about the Packers passing game?

On the surface, the answer is a resounding NO! As long as Aaron Rodgers is throwing pin point accurate lasers to the receivers, there is no cause for concern.

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The Week in Review at Packers Talk Radio Network

Packers Talk Radio Network

This week at Packers Talk Radio Network:

Ryan Braun’s return to Miller Park following a 65 game suspension last season caused John to say that there is a double standard in how athletes are viewed, and how Packers fans view Brett Favre is proof of this.

John also had a few words to say about the disaster known as Quarterback Bracketology at What odds do you think a site like would have given that Rich Gannnon would beat out Brett Favre?

The entire PTRN staff came together to produce a three round mock draft, with commentary about the Packers selections.

Four was the magic number this week, as Ian gave us 4 players who could play a big role in the Packers offense next season…

Matt gave us the names of four players who could develop in 2014

And Ian wrote about 4 defensive players who may play a big role for the Packers in 2014.

Matt says this season is a make or break season for Dom Capers. I wonder what everyone else thinks of this idea.

We took a look at recently re-signed FB John Kuuuuuuuuhn in a player profile.

And Cheesehead Radio returned to the airwaves with a jam packed show featuring an interview with Packers S Sean Richardson. A must listen to episode.

Don’t forget to stop by and check out this week’s edition of Surviving Sunday: Packers News, Notes and Links for the Football Deprived. It is a must read every Sunday during the far too long NFL off season.

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It is Never Too Early For the Packers To Plan for Life After Rodgers

aaron rodgers tumbs up

Who will be Aaron Rodgers’ successor?

Seems like an odd question to ask at this point to ask during his career, doesn’t it?

With Rodgers in the midst of a Hall of Fame career, and having just turned 30 years old in December, why would anyone want to project when the time is right to think about his heir apparent?

This is question which was posed to the audience of Green and Gold Today last week, and one which was rightfully met with some resistance by the listeners of the show. Thinking about the end of this era of unparalleled quarterback play while it is still going on is scary to some, and unknown to everyone.

Yet the time to think about life after Rodgers is sooner than most want to admit.

In fact, we should already be considering it.

The 2013 season was a trying one for the green and gold faithful. Watching their all world quarterback suffer a broken collar bone was painful. Even more painful than the quarterback’s broken clavicle was the struggles at the quarterback position the Packers endured before Matt Flynn was able to stabilize it before Rodgers was able to return.

The Packers were fortunate that Rodgers was able to return from this injury. All indications are that he is fully recovered and ready to lead the team in 2014 in what will hopefully result in a Super Bowl victory.

But for one minute, let’s speculate worst case scenario about this injury.

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Brett Favre & Ryan Braun: A Double Standard In How Athletes Are Viewed

brett favre hanging head

An interesting thing happened at Miller Park Monday afternoon.

Brewers slugger Ryan Braun received a standing ovation from the crowd during the team’s home opener.

Not exactly stunning news, as Braun is the best player on the Brewers, arguably one of the best in the major leagues.

Except this is also the same Ryan Braun who was suspended for 65 games last season after testing positive for performance enhancing drugs. This suspension has forever tarnished his image, and no matter what Braun does or says going forward, he will always have this hanging over his head.

Despite this black mark on his reputation, he still received a standing ovation from the fans.

This got me thinking-how many of those who cheered for Braun still view former Packers quarterback as a pariah?

Ryan Braun was caught cheating playing the game he receives millions of dollars to play. That is a fact. Granted there are some questionable circumstances about exactly how he was found guilty of doing this, but the fact is (at least in the eyes of baseball brass) that he is guilty of cheating.

And as a welcome back to the game, he received a standing ovation from Brewers fans.

What exactly did Brett Favre do to be shunned by many of the Packer faithful, six years since leaving the Packers and four since retiring once and for all from the NFL?

Did he act like a diva who could do no wrong? You could say that.

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