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This Packers Loss Hurts


When I sat down in front of the computer, I had a pretty good idea what I was going to write about.

I wanted to try and sift through the reasons why the Packers lost the NFC Championship Game 28-22 to the Seahawks in overtime.

Goodness knows there are plenty of reasons why the Packers lost.

The MVP favorite (Aaron Rodgers) played less than MVP like.

The offense seemed to go into cruise control once they had built up a 16-0 lead.

Points left on the field because they could not score touchdowns in the red zone, settling for field goals instead.

The defense collapsing with three minutes and some change left.

The fake field goal. Ugh.

The onside kick. Oh, the onside kick.

I could go on and on and on…

The words started to come out, one after another. A logical attempt to try and break down what happened. To determine what the overwhelming reason was for this loss.

I read through my notes on the game, piecing together the culprit for this disaster. One conclusion that was reached was this was a TEAM loss. Individuals don’t lose games, teams do.

But as the words were going from brain to fingers to computer screen something came over me. A feeling of sadness. Overwhelming, intense, incredible sadness.

Sadness over a season of what could have been. What should have been.


Some People Can Just Never Win

favre check

Some people can just never win.

No matter what they do, their actions will be analyzed. Over and over. Trying to find some deeper meaning to what is said, how it was said, why was it said, why wasn’t it said. And so on. And so on. And so on.

One person who will never fully win in the eyes of Green Bay Packers fans is former quarterback Brett Favre.

It somewhat makes sense. After the messy divorce between him and the team during the Summer of 2008, and his subsequent joining their arch rivals the Minnesota Vikings, Favre alienated a portion of the fan base who once adored him.

I could mention that divorce was six years ago, and great strides have been made since then to reconcile the once frosty relationship Favre had with the Packers organizartion. Strides that include Favre and his replacement Aaron Rodgers appearing on having moved past the friction that existed between them. Strides that include Favre taking responsibility for the way things ended in Green Bay for him as a player. Strides that include the Packers welcoming Favre back into the family next year as the sole entry into the newly renovated Packers Hall of Fame as a way to honor his on field contributions during his sixteen years as a Packer. But you know, that would be foolish.

Foolish because some people can just never win.

The most recent example as to why Favre can’t win ocurred this just past week.


Game Predictions: Packers at Saints

packers saints

C.D. Angeli (@TundraVision): The prevailing wisdom seems to predicts some sort of wild and wolly shootout in the Superdome. Many are predicting a big Packer offensive score to outmatch Drew Brees and Co. While I predict a Packer victory, I have a hard time believing that the Packers can put together two massive offensive outputs two weeks in a row. Laws of averages, if nothing else. Look for a well-fought game against a dome team at home that just won’t have enough in the tank to beat Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson.

Packers 24 Saints 17

Jacob Westendorf (@JacobWestendorf):

There’s a lot of talk about how the Packers should be worried going into the Superdome. While I do buy somewhat into an atmosphere helping out a team, that doesn’t matter as much if the team is not good. The Saints have won both games at home this season, but easily could have lost both. This will be a big test for a Packers defense that somehow has become underrated despite being ranked 6th in the league in pass yards per game. Drew Brees is always a tough customer, but the Saints defense is bad and will have many holes for Aaron Rodgers and his receivers to exploit. The Packers have been red hot since Rodgers told the fans to relax, and I expect the offense to continue to roll, and the defense to make enough plays to win the Sunday night showdown between two of the game’s premier quarterbacks.


Game Predictions: Packers vs. Panthers

packers panthers

C.D. Angeli (@TundraVision): It’s been a great week following a great win. The Packers are going to be heading into this game likely without their starting corners, and while House and Hayward are up to the task, any time you’re putting Jarrett Bush out there in the nickel, you’re playing with fire. While Rodgers continues to play en fuego, the running game has been muted all season long, and that’s going to catch up to you one of these days. I think a solid Panther defense is going to be a change for the Packer offense, which is going to be slowed down just enough with some 3-and-outs to keep the Panthers offense on the field, picking on the young corners and the middle of the field. Don’t like to be “that guy”, but I think the Packers are going to struggle at home and the Panthers just might pull out the game with a big play on special teams or a defensive touchdown.

Panthers 28 Packers 27

Jacob Westendorf (@JacobWestendorf):

John Rehor (@jrehor): The big news this week out of Green Bay is that starting CB Sam Shields is out, and fellow starting CB Tramon Williams will be a game time decision. The good thing is the Packers don’t need either of them. Panthers WR Kelvin Benjamin is questionable to play. He is their WR corp. QB Cam Newton is also hurt, playing like a shell of himself. If neither of these guys can make a difference, the Panthers offense is going to struggle. Their defense knows about struggles, giving up an average of 392 yards per game so far in 2014. Now they are strolling into Lambeau Field to take on a Packers offense which has been clicking the past three weeks. This game could get ugly. It should get ugly. That’s a good thing for the Packers and their fans.


Game Predictions: Packers at Dolphins

packers dolphins

Jacob Westendorf (@JacobWestendorf): This game is being touted as Joe Philbin vs Mike McCarthy. Realistically The coaching battle will not have a large impact on the game. The fact that the Packers have more playmakers will. They have done a good job vs top wideouts, and it will be no exception with Mike Wallace. The Dolphins pass rush will present some problems, but I like the offense to roll, and for the defense to continue its good play on the scoreboard of late. Packers win big coming off a mini-bye.

Packers 31 Dolphins 17

John Rehor (@jrehor): Yes, it will be hot. Yes, the Packers are playing on the road. Yes, they are playing an AFC team they are not that familiar with. None of this matters. The Packers are a better team than the Dolphins from top to bottom. Ryan Tannehill may have a fantasy that Miami can defeat Green Bay in a shootout, but it won’t happen. The Packers will win handily. The Packers have won two in a row. As Lou Brown said in “Major League”, if they can win three in a row, that’s called a winning streak. Consider this game the beginning of a winning streak.

Packers 37 Dolphins 17


Game Predictions: Packers vs. Vikings

packers vikings

C.D. Angeli (@TundraVision): On Sunday, we saw a good team with their back against the wall respond before they put themselves so deep down a hole, they’d likely never get out. That, of course, was our 1-2 Packers finding their mojo and staying in the thick of the NFC North race. It might have also been the Minnesota Vikings, who also showed the punchless Falcons they weren’t nearly as bad as we might have hoped. Now, one of two 2-2 teams can make a statement and put themselves potentially in a tie for first in the division, while the other drops into last. I’d give the advantage either way to the team playing at home, and luckily for the Packers, this game is at Lambeau.

Packers 25 Vikings 17

Jacob Westendorf (@JacobWestendorf): The packers offense finally clicked against the Bears. No time will be wasted as they take on another division rival on a short week. The Vikings offense isn’t nearly as formidable as Chicagos, and Christian ponder may be the starting qb. If that is the case he has never played well at Lambeau Field, and I doubt he will this time around. Whether it’s ponder or Teddy Bridgewater, I expect a Packers rout before their mini bye week.

Packers 31 Vikings 13


Five Letters For the Packers Run Defense: P-A-N-I-C

packers run defense

During his weekly radio appearance on ESPN Milwaukee last week, Aaron Rodgers had a message for the Packers fans.

“Five letters here, just for everybody out there in Packer land. R-E-L-A-X. Relax. We’re going to be OK.”

This quote was in response to the poor performance of the offense against the Lions, one which saw the Packers gain a mere 223 total yards.

So how did the Packers’ offense respond against the Bears? In Packer-esque fashion.

Rodgers had by far his best game of the season (22/28, 302 yards, 4 TDs) leading Green Bay to a 38-17 victory, and silencing critics of the offense in the process.

While the offense seemingly got back on track, the defense-especially the run defense-left everyone wondering if things could get any worse.

After allowing an astonishing 235 yards on the ground to the Bears, the Packers find themselves at the bottom of the league in this category, allowing a ridiculous 176 yards per game through the first four games of the season.

Perhaps the most embarrassing part of the total allowed to the Bears was they had entered the game as the worst rushing offense in the league.

Their performance Sunday continued their deterioration into the worst run defense the Packers have put on the field in recent memory.

Just how bad have they been at stopping the run? Since Week 9 of the 2013 season, the Packers have played 14 games, giving up 2,258 rushing yards (161 yards/game).