The distance between the Packers and Brett Favre continues to shrink.

In the past few months, Aaron Rodgers and Favre have appeared on stage together, the first time the two were seen together since their final battle against each other in 2010.

Mark Murphy has spoken about the inevitable retirement of Favre’s number 4.

He has also spoken about how he would one day like to have Favre on the Packers Tailgate Tour.

Today, the distance might have shrunk a little more.

Speaking on the Jim Rome Show, Rodgers came out and said he would like to have Favre back in the Packers family before his induction into the Hall of Fame in 2016, including having his number retired.

“I’m excited about it. I really am. It’s been too long. I think our country and the state of Wisconsin, these people are people of second, third and fourth chances, and I think it’s time to let the healing process begin for those who are still upset about what went down.”

“I was totally OK with being out front of that and I’m very secure of the things I’ve been able to accomplish with the team and individually here in Green Bay, and excited about the chance to see him again and get his number retired here before he goes into Canton.”

Whatever distance there was between Rodgers and Favre seems to have dissipated greatly over the past few months. While they may never be best friends, there does seem to have been a burying of the hatchet between the two sides.

Which begs the question: if Rodgers is OK with bringing Favre back into the Packers family, when will this actually take place?

If Aaron Rodgers is willing to accept Brett Favre back into the Packers family, after all of the background between the two, it should be a clear signal that everyone should be willing to accept him back.

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