Green Bay Packers Flashback Sunday: The Date Of Infamy for Packers Fans

Most Sundays, the Green Bay Packers Flashback Sunday series has a specific format: an introduction, brief history of the game, season, or player being discussed, and a video at the end showcasing the patriculars of the subject.

This week, that format is being changed.

There is no need for a lengthy introduction. No need to provide any background. No need for any of that.

Because every Packers fan knows exactly where they were on the date of infamy back in 2009.

Here are just a few of the moments that were captured that fateful November day, when the unthinkable became a reality:





As was stated, EVERY Packers fan knows exactly where they were on this day.

We would love to know where you were on this day. Where did you watch this game? What were your feelings seeing this take place? And what is your lasting moment of November 1, 2009? Leave your comments here in the comment section so everyone can read what you were feeling on this fateful day.

When you are done examining your inner psyche, please head over to and check out this week’s edition of Surviving Sunday: Packers News, Notes and Links for the Football Deprived. It is a must read every Sunday during the off season.

Speaking of off season, can you believe Training Camp is almost (finally!) here? Five more days and the 2013 Packers will take to the practice field. It is one of the best times of the year.

Get your grills and tables out-tailgating season is almost here!

Hope everyone has a terrific Sunday.



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4 thoughts on “Green Bay Packers Flashback Sunday: The Date Of Infamy for Packers Fans

    1. Not every flashback Sunday is a happy one Ross.

      So…where did you watch the game? And what were you thinking that day?

      1. I was sitting in my college house in Moorhead, MN surrounded by Vikings fans. It was honestly one of the worse days I can remember from a Packers fan perspective. I will tell you this though, putting up with all that BS made living in Minnesota during the game when we finally took him down and ESPECIALLY personally attending the game where AR put a 31-3 nail in the coffin that was that joke of a Vikings season all that much better. The XLV run was fantastic, but for a writer going to college in Minnesota, writing for a Minnesota blog, it was really, really sweet.

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