Sunday afternoon’s game against the Broncos was viewed as the ultimate “get right” game for the Green Bay Packers. Instead, it turned out to be a get right game for Denver. The Packers struggling ways on offense continued. Green Bay only managed to gain 100 total yards in the first half against the worst defense in the NFL. To make matters even worse, the Packers had two weeks to prepare for the matchup as they were coming off their bye week. It was the same old song and dance. It looked as though nothing was changed. The excuse of being the youngest team in the league is no longer viable. At this point, it is time to acknowledge the single fact that as of right now, this Packers team is bad. Can things change, or is this who the Packers are?

In his post-game press conference, Head Coach Matt LaFleur stated: “I gotta do a better job at putting our players in a better position to succeed.” Yeah Matt, we’ve heard that one before. That phrase has been uttered almost every week by you with little to no changes to follow. At this point, talk is real cheap. The Broncos defense entered this game ranked dead last in points allowed, yards per passing and rushing attempts, opponent completion percentage, and passer rating. Green Bay trailed 0-9 at halftime. They only scored 17 points for the game. It is inexcusable that this team is so lifeless during the first halves of all the 6 games they have played in. The players obviously need to play better, but that issue is something that falls on coaching. Late in the game, the Packers were able to take the lead for a moment after being down 16-3. A lot of that was due to Jordan Love coming to life. He led three consecutive scoring drives in the third and fourth quarters, completing 11 of his 17 passes for 133 yards and two touchdowns before throwing an interception with just under two minutes remaining. That turnover ultimately led to the Broncos running out the clock and sealing the game.

Joe Barry’s defense has allowed only 18 PPG over the last two weeks and the Packers are 0-2. While they aren’t perfect, it is becoming more and more evident that the defense is doing their part for this team to win football games. The inability to play complimentary football- primarily on offense- continues to hinder this football team. Right now, the Packers are the definition of insane. They continue to do the same things expecting different results. It’s a long season and things can change for the better. In order for that to happen, Matt LaFleur and company have to drastically switch up their approach if anything is going to actually change.