Green Bay Packers Preseason Chick Picks and Pick Sixes

Thursday night versus Pittsburgh I was ecstatic to hear Aaron Rodgers would take the field, weren’t you? On the edge of my seat, locked in, admittedly I sat back and relaxed as our defense took the field first. Just a little bit longer and we’ll see Rodgers throw a frozen rope to Graham or Adams, […]


Packer Talk for your 4th of July Picnic

Packer Talk for your 4th of July Picnic Sometimes picnics with your family and friends can become a bit awkward.  There’s always an encounter with a family member that gets under your skin for various reasons or a random family friend that bends your ear about their life and all you can do is smile […]

Packers Mailbag

If you’d like to submit a question or thought, please email or Tweet me @andrewmertig   First up!   Can the Packers effectively run the ball? -@BrianTrettin on Twitter   Simply put, yes. If the offensive line is healthy (see more below), then there’s no reason the Packers can’t be a good running team. […]



The Green Bay Packers have been among the best offenses in football for the last decade.  In 2007, Mike McCarthy’s second season as head coach of the Packers, he helped resurrect the (pretty awful) late stages of Brett Favre’s career.  Favre had an 82-67 TD/INT ratio from 2003-05 and the Packers had just finished 16th […]


Green Bay Packers 2013 Fantasy Football Primer

This weekend  was the big fantasy football draft weekend for this writer.  My league from back home, my league of friends from the town I went to college in and my work league drafted on Friday, Saturday and Monday.  This last weekend of preseason games is a huge draft weekend nationally as well.  One of the […]