2022 Green Bay Packers Fantasy Football Outlook

Fantasy Football has become wildly popular over the last few years, it inspires camaraderie amongst friends and family, workplace waiver-wire talk, and even some heated disputes, such as MLB players slapping one another in the face over an IR dispute. Whether you play for fun, for pride amongst your friend group, or for money, fantasy […]


2021 Green Bay Packers Fantasy Football Overview

As an avid fantasy footballer, I make a point to get Packers players on my teams each year. Some people go to great lengths to avoid bias in their drafts but for me fantasy football is about fun. What’s more fun than doing well in fantasy and in real life? Here’s my overview for Packers […]


Green Bay Packers Davante Adams’ 2021 Fantasy Outlook

So far in this outlook series, we’ve examined Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Jones’ outlooks for the 2021 fantasy season. Today, we break down the last of Packers’ “big three.” Here is Davante Adams’ 2021 fantasy outlook: We’ve already covered that whether Aaron Rodgers is under centre is what will make or break the value of […]


Green Bay Packers Aaron Jones’ 2021 Fantasy Football Outlook

Last week we looked at quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ prospects for this year’s fantasy football season and now we break down the main man who shares the backfield with him. Here is running back Aaron Jones’ 2021 fantasy football outlook: Let’s not sugar coat here – Just about every player’s potential on the Packers offense is […]


Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers’ 2021 Fantasy Outlook

It’s only July, but fantasy football players are already starting to think about the 2021 season.  A lot remains to be seen with Aaron Rodgers’ situation, but until he isn’t dressed for Week 1 against the Saints, we must operate under the assumption that he is QB1. Here is Aaron Rodgers’ 2021 fantasy outlook: Depending […]


Green Bay Packers Preseason Chick Picks and Pick Sixes

Thursday night versus Pittsburgh I was ecstatic to hear Aaron Rodgers would take the field, weren’t you? On the edge of my seat, locked in, admittedly I sat back and relaxed as our defense took the field first. Just a little bit longer and we’ll see Rodgers throw a frozen rope to Graham or Adams, […]


Packer Talk for your 4th of July Picnic

Packer Talk for your 4th of July Picnic Sometimes picnics with your family and friends can become a bit awkward.  There’s always an encounter with a family member that gets under your skin for various reasons or a random family friend that bends your ear about their life and all you can do is smile […]