Steps to Decompress From a Lost Season

The 2010 championship season for the Green Bay Packers is another year behind us. Its sight disappeared in the proverbial rearview mirror years ago. The 2017 season was easily the biggest debacle of the past decade. That snap of Aaron Rodgers’s clavicle will have effects for years to come. The fundamental flaws of the organization were exposed, which we desperately hope for the better. If major changes do not occur soon, then it will be obvious to all that the organization is not prioritizing on-field success enough.

In the meantime, after Sunday’s meaningless game against Detroit, there are several things that the disappointed Joe Packer Fan can do. Some of the worthwhile suggestions to decompress after the rotten egg laid this season include:


Hop on the bandwagon for whoever has the chance to take down the Vikings

Nothing is more insufferable than a gloating fan of the Minnesota Vikings. The standard attendee who dons purple on Sundays is much more a hater of the Packers than supporter of the Purple. This season has been storybook for them. They took out Rodgers on their own field, ultimately preventing him a trip there in February. The only other team in the conference that was clearly outperforming them lost their MVP quarterback (Philadelphia/Carson Wentz). Atlanta is down compared to last year. The Rams are a year away from a true chance at dominance. The New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers appear to be the biggest threats, but would have to knock off the Vikings at home.

Each week, the reality of this team hosting a Super Bowl is increasing. If they actually pulled it off, that would be it: game over. The next 100 years of Vikings fans would speak about nothing but that home Super Bowl victory. You think Chicago fans are insufferable about their 1985 squad? Put that on steroids with a collective fanbase that’s 10 times more desperate for relevance, and that’s what you’ll have.

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Shut the TV off and do something productive

That annoying, rational, mature voice in my head tells me to do this. The devil on the other shoulder is screaming to get lost.


Turn on the TV and watch something that’s undoubtedly awesome

Netflix is more of a gold mine by the day. Season three of Narcos is incredible. Actually, every season of Narcos is incredible. Watch Narcos. If you don’t want to watch Narcos, watch Stranger Things. If you don’t want to watch Stranger Things, watch The Ranch. If you don’t want to watch The Ranch, then watch Narcos. If you don’t want to watch Narcos, then reevaluate your life.

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Surprise your significant other

Fellas, surprise your wife. Splurge a little bit and take her to a nice eatery and treat her to something expensive on the menu.

Ladies…no further instructions are necessary.




John Piotrowski is a UW-Eau Claire alum, spending most of his life in western WI. He makes the trek east to Lambeau whenever possible. Follow him on twitter at @piosGBP.